Black Knight BKB 402 brick bbq deluxe kit being used to barbecue meat, fish and veg.
Heavy duty Black Knight brick bbq kit cover (Black)
Deep ash tray with Ember Guard and charcoal grid in-situ make the total height an incredible 13cm and totally safe.
BKB402 brick barbecue kit component parts included in Black Knight bbq kits, deep Ash Tray, Ember Guard, Charcoal grid, cooking grill, warming rack and lifting handles.


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Black Knight brick BBQ kits are unlike any other, with better quality designs and exclusive safety features, you can buy with total confidence knowing that 40 years of experience has gone into making our barbecue kits the best they can be.


NEW EMBER GUARD stops charcoal from rolling off the charcoal grid. Protects against fat fires and spitting charcoals. The total height with Deep Ash Tray measures 13cm, almost twice the height of other copies. Now you can relax and enjoy friends and family without constantly focusing on the grill.

Our BKB402 Brick BBQ Kit measures 67 x 39 cms and Includes:

Stainless Steel BBQ Cooking Grill (67cm x 39cm) with Easy Chef Bars

Deep Charcoal BBQ Grid for better charcoal combustion (Black Painted)

Deep Box Ash Tray to catch and hold the ash safely (Black Painted)

Ember Guard to protect against falling embers

Stainless steel Warming Rack (67 x 20 cms) to add another 50% to the cooking area


Grill Lifting Handles

Full Building Instructions

Bricks Not Included - you will need 109 ordinary house bricks

This kit requires 109 ordinary house bricks - not included

Item weight 10.5Kg